Make a Donation

Rent income rarely covers all of our costs, so your donations help keep the hall open and running! Since we have no paid staff, all of the funds collected go directly to supporting this unique community center and historic architectural resource. You can either give a one-time donation to support capital projects, or set up a recurring sustaining membership to help cover ongoing expenses such as light, heat, water, and insurance. Remember that all gifts to the Friends of the Montague Common Hall are fully tax deductible.

Exciting News about Donations!

In the summer of 2022, an anonymous donor offered to match donations up to $10,000!! This is an opportunity to have your donation go twice as far as it ordinarily would.

This matching grant comes at a great time for the Common Hall, as our coffers were emptied recently by a number of important expenditures. A plumbing emergency necessitated replacement of the crumbling sewer line from the Hall to the street. The windows on the front of the building were in dire need of renovation, which was finally done this past summer, and the entire exterior of the building needed a paint job. All of these expenditures were necessary but pricey, at a time when rental income has remained low due to the lingering effects of the pandemic.

So please contribute as generously as you are able to, bearing in mind that the matching grant will double the impact of any donation.

We especially appreciate contributions made by recurring, sustaining memberships. Please join us in caring for our beloved Montague Common Hall!