Montague Common Hall Launches O2 Benefit Series

Saturday, Oct. 24 8pm

As part of its revitalization as a community center, the Montague Common Hall is launching a quarterly series to benefit the Hall and other Awesome Causes.

The idea is that when we build service to others into the architecture of our own survival, everyone benefits. In other words, when we get enough oxygen, we can help the guy sitting next to us.

Our first event: Xopo!

Exhilarating traditional dance music from the Balkans, at turns a haunting walk in the woods, and wild gallop across the plains! Clarinet, accordion, trombone, acoustic string bass, various drums, as well as a large array of plucked stringed instruments come together as one irresistable musical beast that will set your very molecules in motion. Captivating vocal harmonies round out the sound of this spirited music from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Albania, Bosnia, and beyond.

Who: Xopo

What: Balkan dance music concert

When: Saturday, October 24, 8pm

Where: Montague Common Hall, 34 Main Street, Montague, MA

How much: $10 – $20 (sliding scale)

This event benefits: ShelterBox!
The proceeds from the Fall O2 Benefit will be split between the Common Hall and ShelterBox, a direct relief organization that sends boxes containing a family-sized tent and basic living essentials to refugees and other disaster victims across the globe. To find out more about how amazing they are, go to their website: