Montague Common Hall Newsletter

September 2015

announcement imageDear MCH Community-
Happy sweet last days of summer 2015!
We’ve got a lot going on this fall, so dig in before the ground freezes!

First: A Big Huge Thank You:

Alvah Stone logoTHANK YOU to all who participated in our first Sustaining Membership Drive!

The Alvah Stone generously offered to match people's monthly donations with a gift certificate to the restaurant, each of the first six months of membership. We have a bunch of new Sustaining Members, and received a good number of one-time donations. We are working hard at making your Hall a stable and thriving community resource, and this has been a great start!

And we send another series of huge thank yous to all of the people who keep the hall going. To the donor who paid for all of our lawn care this summer, to the folks who replace the paper goods, and give the bathrooms and kitchen the once over, to the painters, and rakers, and pick-up truck dump-runners and events-bookers - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your generously given time and money, and all you do!

Painting stuffPainting Progress – Join us, Thursdays from 12-2pm

The painting posse is back at it, and is looking for new members! Thanks Emily M for joining us! This fall we are hard at work painting the downstairs with anti-mold primer, as a first line attack on the perennial struggle against basement funky-ness. Our usual painting time will be inconveniently located (for people with normal jobs) Thursdays from 12-2; but we are open to longer workdays on weekends, or evening hours, as people are available.

RFP for upcoming monthly Montague ThinkTank Thursdays

The 5 Villages of Montague, and the Valley in general, are full of spectacular thinkers, feelers, makers, and do-ers. We would like to pilot a monthly program (with a nod to Nerd Nites everywhere, and especially Noho) in which 1 or 2 local experts tell us what really sets their hair on fire, and why. If you are an expert, or an amateur expert in some fascinating, strange, or esoteric field, and want to tell people all about it and answer questions in a friendly, informal setting, get in touch!


If you are on this list and are willing to lend your expertise to the valiant volunteers on the Fundraising and Financials teams. We need your help!


Calendar Items:

Nadya the yoga instructor9/15: Yoga with Nadya is Back! 5:30pm
Our beloved Nadya will be starting yoga classes again September 15th, after taking the summer off to be with her new little one. Everyone should come get strong and serene at the same time! Welcome back Nadya! For schedule go to the MCH calendar or the Yoga with Nadya website.

9/17: NEW!! Family Game Night, 6:30pm
Arthur E. is piloting a monthly game night on Thursday 9/17, at 6:30pm.
Bring your favorite game, or one youíve not yet opened. Meet your neighbors!
There will be snacks, but feel free to bring your own.
This event is FREE, but feel free to put a few bucks in the donation box.

More info:

9/23: First Board Meeting, 7-9pm
This will be the first official meeting of the newly formed Board. We will be electing officers, and working on structure for the most part. Come witness chaos settling into some semblance of order (we hope!)

9/26: Tag Sale, 9am-1pm

Our gigantic annual tag sale is coming right up. Furniture, clothing, kitchenware, toys and more! To make a donation of Stuff to the sale between 9/20 and 9/25, or to volunteer the day of, call Mary 413-367-2184. For larger items like furniture (dressers etc), Mary will be available Friday, 9/25 at the hall from 5-7pm. Absolutely, positively NO ELECTRONICS please and thank you!

10/7: First H&O Soup & Games planning meeting, 7pm (Tentative! Check back in)
for Hope and Olive Soup and Games Night (to benefit the MCH!)


10/15: Self Theatre Montague/Brazil, 7pm
Alex DeMelo, a local Brazilian actor, begins a spoken word/experimental theatre exploration. May be ongoing if there is interest.

More info:, or call 203-947-0695

10/24: Xopo Benefit Concert, 8pm

Not your Gramma’s Balkan Band! This seven-piece band plays music from the Balkans, both traditional and contemporary, melancholic and wild at once. The tightest romp your ears are likely to have in the near future. Prepare to have your socks blown off. For real.

Tickets $10-$20 at the door. All proceeds will be shared between the Hall and ShelterBox, an amazing direct relief organization that sends individual boxes with tents, cookware, blankets etc. to refugees and victims of disaster all over the world.

12/7: Hope and Olive Soup and Games Night to benefit the MCH!
Yay! Hope and Olive chose the Common Hall to benefit from their famous Free Soup and Games night, December 7, 2015. This awesome event is going to take a huge amount of work, so we need VOLUNTEERS galore. AND please come to our first planning meeting on Wed. 10/7 at 7pm at the Common Hall.

Contact to get on the team.

12/12: The annual Make and Take Craft Fair rides again! 10am-3pm
Our wild and wooly DIY crafts fair, is one of our best fundraisers. Families from miles around come and make holiday gifts and baubles for the whole family.

If you have craft materials to donate Contact Jane:

If you would like to volunteer to run a craft, contact Myriam:

If you would like to donate food, contact Allison: