Banjo Mucho

Sunday, March 28, 2004, 4:00 pm until 4:00 pm
34 Main Street, Montague, MA

GOT KIDS? FAMILY DANCE! at the Montague Grange 4:00 - 5:30 PM Sunday March 25th $5 per family, includes a snack Don't forget the FAMILY DANCE at the Montague Grange with Dianne Sanabria with BANJO MUCHO! Family - style Contra Dancing for all ages. Simple dances with easy instruction. Lots of fun! Great for 3 - 10 yr olds, and their parents or grand parents, or lovers of fun music. Dianne Sanabria, the "Banjo Queen", will return with her Banjo Mucho: a 12 banjo/mandolin/stand-up-bass band! You have to see this to believe it. Come early if you don't plan to dance. Banjo Mucho started four years ago. It has grown to about a dozen players, mostly banjos. With somewhat of a rolling admission, we can also have uke's, mandolins, a bass, and guitars. It all gets really authentic when the banjo-uke, mando-banjo and the nasty "guitjo" get into the groove. While they jam out on dance tunes and old-timey standards they have been known to delve into The Tarantella, Hungarian Dance and if they get motivated...Chopsticks. Most importantly, whether its surf music or a Hit Parade gem the tune will be "banjo apropriate." Chase the Hard Winter Blues away with Laughing Folk Music, a Fun Caller, and more banjos on one stage than you've ever seen before! For directions please visit

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