Movie: Bulworth

Sunday, March 7, 2004, 7:30 pm until 7:30 pm
34 Main Street, Montague, MA

Montague Movie Night presents Bulworth From the Internet Movie Database: Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance (more) Tagline: Brace yourself. This politician is about to tell the truth! Plot Outline: A suicidally disillusioned liberal politician puts a contract out on himself and takes the opportunity to be bluntly honest with his voters. User Rating: 6.9/10 (6,807 votes) User Comments: One of the best films of 1998! Warren Beatty's Bulworth is the wierdest masterpiece to come from him ever. Yet, it is his most brilliant piece of comedy (and dark drama) to come around. Beatty makes his usual director/producer/writer (his script got well deserved Oscar nomination)/actor routine, but it is better than usual. Here, Beatty plays a overly-depressed senator who decides to pay a guy to hire a guy to kill him (and someone will get a lot of life insurance afterwards), but before that happens, he decides to go to South central, California to start speaking the truth people want to hear (in rap form, literally). He does this in great fashion, as paranoia, creepiness, and coke-head assistants are at his side. Great cast, including Beatty, Halle Berry, Oliver Platt, Jack Warden, Paul Sorvino, John Witherspoon and Don Cheadle, plus many great rants on politics and society (though mixed with a disturbing ending) make this a must see. A+

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