The common hall has been limping along for years only by virtue of the super-human efforts of a small, dedicated group of volunteers.  It is clear that to make this work we need an injection of fresh ideas and the willingness to put in the sweat to carry them out.  Here are the areas you can help, and the people to contact if you are interested:


Physical Plant

We are looking for people to volunteer a few hours a month to attend to maintenance and minor repairs. Skills: painting, carpentry, plumbing, gardening, general house-cleaning.

Contact Hannah


Governance and Fundraising

If you are interested in the structure and evolution of the hall as an organization, this group meets once a month.  Skills: organizational, big–picture thinking, team-building, mediation/communication, capital campaigns, grant-writing and other fundraising, knowledge of social media and crowd funding etc.

Contact Roy


Organize events!

We envision a hall that has activities going on almost every day of the year.  Is there a tai chi class you’d like to teach, or a concert series, or a play-group, or a kid’s theatre production, or a Casino Night to benefit the hall? The possibilities are endless.  If you’ve got the vision and the passion – MAKE IT HAPPEN!  It’s crazy-hard work, but totally rewarding and worth the effort.

Contact Nicole